A modern and expanded replacement for the Standard and Lit shaders in the URP/HDRP/Built in Render pipelines


HDRP features, all pipelines

- All features are supported on all render pipelines
- Tessellation and Parallax
- Triplanar and projected UVs
- Stochastic Texture Sampling
- Packed texture formats for faster PBR shading


Multi-Layer Workflows

- Up to 4 Texture Layers for complex effects
- Triplanar/UVs, Stochastic settable on each layer
- Weight with vertex color, texture, noise, or procedural filters
- Make every surface look unique based on world placement


Effects and Integrations

- Weather effects like wetness, puddles, rain, snow and wind
- Automatically integrates with Weather Maker and Enviro
- Vegetation Studio Instancing support
- MicroSplat Trax integration for trails in surfaces


And much more

Upgrade your shading from Unity included shaders, and make every pixel look unique. 

The Better Lit Shader is built using the Better Shader system, and uses Stackable shaders extensively, making it easy to add your own features or apply features from the Better Lit Shader to your own custom shaders written with Better Shaders.