Better Shaders takes the pain out of hand writing shaders in Unity.

Write Once, Run Everywhere

Shader’s written in Better Shaders automatically compile on all 3 rendering platforms: HDRP, URP, and Standard. 

Better Shaders uses a simple to work with format inpired by Unity’s Surface Shader system. No longer will you need to disect thousands of lines of HDRP shader code to make one small change, or be forced into the restrictions of a shader graph. Focus on writing your shader, and Better Shaders will make it just work on every platform. 


Shader Stacking

Even wanted to add something to an existing shader? Snow and weather effects? Draw instanced support? 

With Better Shaders, you can stack shaders together to create complex effects, or to easily include reusable functionality. You can even layer multiple copies of the same effect into the same shader, building up layers of texturing as you go. 

You can do this via the “Stackable Shader” user interface, or in the code of your shader using the subshader system. 

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Export to the Asset Store

Want to distribute those shaders to users?

An exporter is availailable to export shaders to users without Better Shaders installed. Using our Shader Packing system, you can even distibute those shaders as a single file that loads correctly on any Render Pipeline.

No more pink materials, or conversion steps for new users. Everything Just Works when you install your asset.

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Better Editors

Better Shaders ships with a collection of Material Properties Drawers to help you quickly make better looking material editors. It also works with Shader Graph Markdown, if you prefer that approach. 

Finally, you can write custom editors for your stackables, and Better Shaders can draw the resulting material editor with each stackables custom editor. 


Enterprise Quality and Power

MicroSplat, Vegetation Studio, and Space Graphics Toolkit are just a few of the popular assets built on top of the Better Shaders framework, so you know it’s powerful and well tested, by thousands of games. 

Better Shaders makes it easy to integrate with Compute shaders, use tessellation, geometry shaders, and can even be extended to support custom SRPs.