The most performant, feature rich, popular and highest rated shading system for Unity

The Ultimate Bundle

The Ultimate Bindle contains 18 modules, as well as the terrain collection, in one purchase, at a 30% discount from purchasing individually.

*HDRP/URP adapters sold separately.

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The Terrain Collection

The Terrain Collection contains 11 of our most popular modules for texturing terrains at a 25% discount from purchasing individually.

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The (free) Core module

The core module for MicroSplat is entirely free, and lets you texture terrain with up to 32 textures. Including features like height blended terrain, optimized texture packing, branch sample optimizations, and dozens of per-texture property controls, it’s the simplest way to improve the quality of your terrain for free.

Then when you need more features, you can extend the feature set with the modules below.

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anti tile_featurecomp


Trax is the premier solution for leaving snow trails, footprints, and tank treds in your terrain. It uses the rendering representation of your objects instead of proxy representations, allowing characters to make snow angels, or imprint whatever physical shape they leave into your surface. 

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Wetness, Puddles, Stream and Lava

This module adds 4 dynamic effects to your surfaces, allowing you to paint these effects, or have streams of water or lava flow down your terrain spawned from emitters dynamically and in real time.

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Texture Clusters

The texture clusters module adds several advanced anti-tiling techniques, sythesizing multiple textures into one continuously varying surface, or using our Stochastic Height Blending method to sythesize a never repeating terrain from a single texture. This module doesn’t cover up or hide tiling, it completely removes it all together.

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Runtime Procedural Texturing

Runtime Procedural Texturing chooses your textures based on procedural rules, entirely in the pixel shader. With full curve based controls, you can adjust everything in real time, or generate terrain at runtime and have it automatically textured. You can even use it as an edit time tool, baking the results back into traditional splat maps. 

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The Anti-Tiling module adds a collection of effects to solve tiling and texture scale issues in texturing large scale objects like terrains. 

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Mesh Workflow

The Mesh Workflow module allows you to apply all the MicroSplat goodness to regular meshes, painting wear onto buildings, puddles onto road meshes, etc. It allows you to paint over your existing texturing, or replace it completely, storing texturing information in textures or on the vertices. 

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Terrain Blending

Terrain Blending allows your meshes to melt into the terrain, creating a seemless blend between the mesh and the terrain’s texturing and lighting.

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Wind and Glitter

The Wind and Glitter module brings blowing sand and snow, along with Journey like glitter effects to MicroSpalt surfaces. If your working on sand or snow environemnts, this module is a must.

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Dynamic Snow

The Dynamic Snow module allows you to procedurally apply snow effects to MicroSplat surfaces, and have it melt away. 



The decal module lets you place dynamic or static decals onto any MicroSplat surface. Unlike most traditional decal systems, these work in any rendering mode, and can modify parameters of the shader like which textures will be used on an area, wetness or puddles, etc. These are decals that go beyond the traditional overlays.



The scatter module lets you paint up to an additonal 32 textures onto your terrain, alpha blended or modifying the surface underneith. Useful to add leaves, moss, stains, and other effects over your surfaces. 


Mesh Terrains

Mesh Terrains allows you to convert your MicroSplat Terrains into meshes at a fixed resolution, and use an optional shader with different settings. These are often used to generate imposters for distant terrains, saving performance. 



Bring GPU based tessellation to MicroSplat surfaces, increasing their detail. Unlike other solutions, MicroSplat can fall back to non-tessellated shaders in the distance, making the cost quite reasonable. 

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Low Poly Look

Low Poly Look adds a number of features to make triangles appear facited, flat shaded, single color textured, or wireframe.



Triplanar Texturing prevents the stretching of textures on cliffs. Our extremely optimized implimentation requires less texture samples than traditional techniques, and provides options to height blend the triplanar samples for a more organic quality. 

Using the new HDRP or URP pipelines?

Support is provided via separate modules. Note that for non-enterpise clients, support is only provided for LTS versions of the scriptable render pipelines, as these are under rapid developement and are unstable. 


Digger Integration

The Digger Integration allows MicroSplat to work with Digger and Digger Pro, allowing you to use MicroSplat’s texturing magic on Digger generated meshes.  


Vegetation Studio 

When Vegetaion Studio is installed, several additional features are avilable for blending the terrain color into the grass and approximating shadows from tree’s past the shadow cascade distance. 


Polaris Integration

The Polaris Integration allows you to use MicroSplat’s shaders with Polaris, a complete low poly solution for Unity.


Weather System Integrations

MicroSplat integrates with popular weather systems like Enviro and Weather Maker.