A few of our custom solutions

We do a lot more than just develop assets for the asset store, we provide custom solutions for some of the biggest games built on Unity. As asset store developers, we know the intracacies of the engine better than anyone, and can often modify our existing solutions to address your needs, saving valuable development time. We also work with a network of Unity experts, with deep domain specific knowlege and codebases designed to solve any development need. 

Kerbal Space Program 2

We were contracted to build the planet rendering system for Kerbal Space Program 2, which required planets you could walk on, but which would also look amazing all the way into space. 

The original code was written in OOP C# style, taking many frames to update the mesh LODs. This was converted into a combination of Burst Jobs and Compute Shaders, producing a single mesh to draw each frame with no amortization, and over 200 times faster than the original code. 

We also wrote several custom MicroSplat modules used to develop the custom planet scale shading, leveraging the existing code base to jump start development, and brought in partners from the asset store to modify their tech for things like vegetation rendering at a planet scale. 


Population: One

For Population: One, we created a custom terrain shading solution designed for the Quest hardware. Our product One Batch was also used to massively reduce Draw Call overhead on both the PC and Quest versions. 


Queerskins : ARK

For CloudRed software, we developed a custom volumetric point cloud renderer for captured point cloud data.


Playable Worlds

We developed a custom module for MicroSplat for Playable Worlds new game, for custom shading and 256 textures per mesh or terrain.

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