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Better Shaders 2022

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"Better Shaders is what I wished Unity's "surface shaders 2.0" were" - Aras Pranckevičius @aras_p
If you have purchased Better Shaders 2021 from the JDBTechServices store, you can upgrade to this version for free. Go to: and enter you original invoice number and github username and you will be granted access.

Better Shaders allows you to:
• Write shader in a style similar to Unity's old Surface Shader system
• Shaders are automatically compiled into URP, HDRP, or Standard
• Shaders can stack allowing you to layer and add functionality to existing shaders
• Full shader source can be exported from the system for distribution on the Asset Store
• No special exporting or tooling, these act like native shaders in Unity

If you've ever looked at the source to an HDRP shader graph shader and thought "12,000 lines of shader code, for a shader that just has a simple texture? What is all this?" then this is the asset for you. You can easily port Surface Shaders to Better shaders in minutes, and then use those shaders in any render pipeline.

Code is written in standard HLSL, with a unified API across all 3 render pipelines, so you can write code and not worry about compatibility anymore.

Have you ever wanted to add snow to an existing shader? Or make it compatible with another assets compute based drawing? Shaders written with Better Shaders can stack, allowing you to add different effects on top of existing shaders without writing any code.
Includes a collection production ready shader stacks, which can be combined any way you like:
• Lit, Tessellation, and Triplanar
• Height/Slope based moss
• Wetness (with Enviro/Weather Maker support)
• Puddles
• Snow (with Enviro/Weather Maker support)
* Wind Particulate
* Vegetation Studio Instancing support
* UV warping
* Texture Layering (with vertex or splat masks)

Also included are a number of examples of common techniques, like screen space UVs, grab pass, depth output modification, multi-pass examples, alternative lighting models, all working across all render pipelines.

Included are stackables for instant integration with
- Vegetation Studio Instancing Support
- Bakery Lightmapping
- MicroSplat Trax

Join us on our Discord Group, Forum Thread or read the Documentation

Note that Better Shaders installs itself as a Package, and appears under your Packages folder, not under Assets.
Some popular assets using Better Shaders:
Technical details


Better Shaders 2021 supports the following render pipelines:

  • Standard Rendering Pipeline from Unity 2019 on
  • URP7.x in Unity 2019.3LTS
  • URP10.x in Unity 2020.3LTS
  • URP12.x in Unity 2021.2
  • URP14.x in Unity 2022.2
  • HDRP7.x in Unity 2019.3LTS
  • HDRP10.x in Unity 2020.3LTS
  • HDRP12.x in Unity 2021.2
  • HDRP14.x in Unity 2022.2

Future yearly version compatibility may require an upgrade fee due to the extensive work of maintaining compatibility with Unity's ever changing SRP platforms.
Note that better shaders does not include the Better Lit Shader, which was created with Better Shaders.