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MicroSplat - 256 Textures

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The 256 Texture module for MicroSplat allows you to work with up to 256 Textures per MicroSplat material, utilizing a custom splat map format for efficiency.

Features Added:
- Extends the maximum texture count from 32 textures to 256, storing this in a single splat map instead of requiring one splat map for every 4 textures used.
- Conversion tool for converting from traditional splat maps to this format
- Painting system for Unity terrains, including "cluster brushes", which paint multiple textures based on noise
- Can be used programmatically with meshes (see documentation)
- Includes mesh converter to generate required barycentric coordinates required for mesh support

Requires the MicroSplat framework to be installed.
Support for HDRP or URP requires appropriate MicroSplat URP or HDRP module installed.