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MicroVerse - Core Collection

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The Core Collection contains the following modules at a reduced price:

it also includes a demo using all of these assets together.

Join our Discord Group for support, and redeem your invoice for direct access to the Git depots for the latest versions.

If you are not familiar with MicroVerse, it is a fully Non Destructible, Real Time environment creation system for Unity. Everything is updated live with delays, using a stamp based approach. Quickly create, texture, and populate the scene with textured mountains, forests, grasslands, and paths cutting through them. It's written from the ground up to work with multiple terrain tiles, and intrinsically biome capable through it's area falloff system, and everything is always non-destructive with realtime updates.

In MicroVerse, everything is a stamp, which can modify terrain heights, procedurally texture the terrain, add trees, grass or prefabs to an area, or add music and sound to a scene. Areas can be define via shapes, textures, splines, or by painting right in the scene, allowing you to easily define the area and it's effect on the result.

Best of all every operation is realtime and non-destructive, allowing you to change anything at any time without hassle. You can even use the Copy/Paste stamp capture areas of existing terrain and move it around in a non-destructive manner, or use the "Create from existing scene" workflow to capture your existing terrain into stamps and work non-destructively on with it.

And since MicroVerse reconstructs the scene from the beginning on every edit, you can change the terrain resolution of the terrain and it will simply reconstruct it with the new settings. And you can make prefabs of any collection of stamps to apply them to new areas easily, or add them to the Content Browser for quick access.